Robert Emery Smith

Over the years, I have been honored to have had a number of my images published in a variety of forms, including community newspapers, posters, magazines, greeting cards, and in a number of anthologies.

Beasts was an anthology of photographs that formed both a book and a gallery show. About a year before this book was scheduled to be published, I had printed a poster of one of my portraits for some friends to sell in their on-line bookstore. An editor for Foto Factory saw it in a store while visiting Northern California, and tracked me down to obtain the rights to the image for the cover of the anthology. Many of the images from other photographers in the book were a bit more direct than I'm usually interested in, but that's better than all of us making the same images. The David Aden Gallery in Venice represented my work at the time, as did Vance Martin in San Francisco. The poster and limited edition prints were available, as well as a postcard version of the image.

Blue magazine is published in Australia, and they picked up a selection of photos from the Beasts collection for their April, 1998 issue.

Edge magazine was a weekly lifestyle magazine in Southern California, and they used the Beasts image the week the gallery show opened in Venice. Craig had accompanied me down for the opening, so it was fun watching people around town doing double-takes because they'd seen his face on a magazine cover that week.

Uniforms was a follow-on to Beasts, to which I contributed a portrait of a young wetsuited surfer standing on the beach in Santa Cruz, which appears in this site's Gallery.

The editor I had worked with at Foto Factory left to become a consulting editor to Blue magazine in Australia. He knew of my work photographing athletes, and invited me to submit some of those images for a special athletic-theme collection entitled Dreamboys.

Over the years I have been photographing a local high profile college sports team. They have used some of these images for a team poster and a couple of screensavers to promote community awareness of the team. Some of those images are represented in the Gallery.

One of the athletes on that team qualified for his country's Olympic team in 2004, and I was commissioned by the Austrian sports weekly Sport Woche (essentially the Austrian Sports Illustrated) to illustrate an article about their countryman... who went on to win a silver medal, and is still competing on the global stage. Those images also appeared in other magazine profiles of the athlete. has used a few of my images (published under Creative Commons license on Flickr) for their on-line guide to Florence.